Frequently Asked Questions

Are your business listings free?

Yes.  Our basic listings are absolutely free and will not expire.  We also have a premium ad option which enhances the features of your ad at a very nominal cost.

What form of payment do you accept for premium listings and ads?

We are currently accepting PayPal and most major credit cards.

I don’t see a cleaning service category that fits my business?

Sorry about that.  If you have an idea for a new category that better fits your business and others, please contact us to let us know.  Thank you.

I have a cleaning service, but don’t have a website site. Can I still list in the directory?

Absolutely!  You can list in the directory with you business name and contact information alone.  Also, if you need help building a website or Facebook page, contact us.  We can help you with affordable options.

I am located outside the USA. Can you add categories for other countries?

Sorry, but at this time, we are focused only on the US market.  We are making plans to expand to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand for the next phase of our launch.

What is the difference between “free” and “premium” listings

The free listings will only remain in the directory for 60 days after which they will be deleted. Premium listings are active for a full year for only $25 and are also pinned to the top of the category list as well as identified with a different color background for emphasis.

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