Frequently Asked Questions

Are listings really free?

Yes, our Basic Listing is currently free.  For a $10 fee, we can upgrade your to a Featured Listing for 4 months with all of the listing enhancements such as longer descriptions, website links and logo. For a little extra, we will feature your business which provides the greatest level of exposure in the directory.

I don’t have a website. Can you help me?

Yes we can.  For as little as $40 per month, we can create a custom website for your business packed with features like contact forms, google maps, mobile design and SEO.  The monthly charge covers all of the updates throughout the year as well as website backups, performance optimization and more.  If you prefer to manage the website yourself, we can also build your website for a one-time fee, starting at $695.

For more details, call us at 201.639.4477

Why should I submit my listing to the directory?

There are several reasons, but the most important is that the search engines will enhance your ranking with quality unidirectional links.  This will result in better organic search results and consequently more traffic.  Your need to invest in expensive pay-per-click campaigns will be minimized thereby reducing your marketing expenditures.  Finally, it’s FREE!  And who doesn’t like free stuff?

How do I list my business in the directory?

That’s easy.  Simply click on the “Add Your Business” menu link or “Submit Your Listing” link in the footer. There is no need to sign up for anything, no credit card needed or anything like that.

Can I make changes to my business listing?

Absolutely.  You can alter your business listing at any time.  The easiest way to make changes is by setting up an account when you create your listing.  Then, you can simply return with those login credentials and make your edits.  If you do not want to create an account, we also allow edits with a one-time access key which will be sent to the email address which was used to create the listing.

If you have trouble doing it yourself, simply submit your changes through our contact form and we will take care of it for you at no charge.

I’d like to list my business as a “Featured Business”

Great.  Featured Businesses have much higher visibility in the Directory and will create better marketing results for you.  A Featured Business listing costs only $89 for the entire year and places your listing at the top of the category and provides other benefits. You can “Feature” either listing type – Free Basic or Enhanced.

Why was my listing was modified / deleted?

We screen every listing submission for accuracy and relevance.  If we deem your listing to be inappropriate for any reason, we reserve the right to modify or delete it.  We aim to keep the directory free of SPAM and irrelevant information.  Also, website addresses are not permitted in the main description text.  If you wish to promote your website address, please upgrade your listing to the Premium Listing or Feature your business.

Paid listings will only face deletion if they violate our listing terms. In such an instance, we will notify listing company and provide an opportunity to correct the violation.  We reserve the right to modify/delete Free Basic Listings at anytime and for any reason.

Since you are part of the Network, can I get a discount on a listing on that site?

Sure thing.  List your business in the WeClean-YouShine Directory and we will give you a 25% discount on your Premium Listing using discount code: 25-PERCENT

What types of businesses are permitted to use the Free Basic Listings?

Only cleaning businesses offering cleaning services directly to an end-user are permitted to utilize the free listing option.  If you are a business selling cleaning supplies, franchise businesses or something else related to the cleaning service industry, consider purchasing a Premium Listing or Featured Listing or contact us for a customized (and reasonably-priced) banner/text link advertisement on our site.  We reserve the right to disapprove or terminate free listings at anytime and for any reason.

Why can’t I add my logo and website link to my listing?

Logos, website links and several other important listing enhancements are part of the Featured Listing upgrade that is optional, but highly recommended.  The standard Basic Listing only includes the company name, short description, telephone number and geographic location fields.

You can upgrade your Basic Listing to a Featured Listing  at anytime for just $10 for 4 months (120 days).